Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks!

Hello loves! Its Friday which means one thing… chill time! I am going back to my boyfriends house this weekend because it is his birthday tomorrow so we are celebrating there. What are you up to this weekend?

So as I said in yesterdays post, today I am going to share my 3 favourite drugstore lipsticks. One of them is a lip crayon but its still the same thing…sort of. So lets get started! 🙂


Firstly we have the Maybelline Color Sensational in Pink Pearl 108. This is such a pretty pink and smells delicious! I have has this for quite a while but I always find myself coming back to it. This lipstick has a lovely glossy feel to it and isn’t drying at all because as you may have guessed I tend to stay away from drying lipsticks unless I love the colour then I just whack on a bit of lipgloss over the top. I really love how this looks and feels on your lips it also makes them smell lovely.



Secondly is actually a lipstick that I found when I was on holiday earlier this year in Spain. Its from a brand called Flormar which I had never heard of before but I was drawn to their shop straight away because it had some good music on which I could hear from the street and also when I looked over all I could see was stands with a tonne of makeup on and I was straight over their in a second! This lipstick is from the Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo range and its in the shade DC28. Its a lovely nude colour and I had been trying to find one that I really liked for a while and I was so pleased when I found this one. This one isn’t drying either and and makes your lips feel lovely and soft. It also has a lovely scent to it too quite a sweet smell.



Finally we have a lipstick crayon. I wanted to include this because I don’t usually go for lipstick crayons, I don’t know why I just don’t but I really like this one. I actually purchased this from Boohoo a while back because I was ordering from there anyway and I had never actually looked at the makeup section. I loved the colour of this straight away so without hesitation I added it to my basket! The colour of this is perfect for autumn and I just love wearing it. I couldn’t find this on the Boohoo website but I found it on the company’s website instead.




I hope you liked this post! Have you tried any of these lipsticks?

See you soon!

Rachel x


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