Feeling Festive!

Hey guys! I am really feeling festive at the moment and I am so excited for Christmas so yesterday I decided to put my Christmas tree up in the flat and I really wanted to show you guys. It’s just a little 3 ft tree because I don’t have room for a bigger one but I think it looks cute and is just the perfect size. I just decorated it with some cute little baubles in gold, matte black and bronze, some mini red Christmas tree fairy lights and some plain ones and also some little chocolates because you have to have chocolates on your tree! Here is my super cute tree –


I love candles especially Yankee Candles and I have really been loving these little sampler ones. Even though they are small the scent still makes the whole room smell gorgeous and because I live in a one bedroomed flat my whole flat smells yummy! One of my favourite scents is ‘Black Cherry’ I just think it smells so delicious but its not really over powering like some of them can be. I was in my local supermarket the other day and saw they also sell these sampler ones and they are only Β£1.20 which is cheaper than other places that I have been to. I picked up four other delicious scents and they all just happen to be red, I promise its not on purpose! ;). The four other scents I picked up are ‘Rainwashed Berry’, ‘Cherry Vanilla’, ‘Apple Spice Potpourri’ and also ‘Merry Berry’ and that one is the one burning in the background (in my old Nutella jar, they are perfect for burning candles in!) I know these scents aren’t all Christmassy but they are all lovely and the red makes them feel more festive :).


I hope you enjoyed this slightly random postΒ but I just wanted to spread the festive vibes and share my love for Christmas and candles :).

See you soon!

Rachel xx


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