Product of the Month!

Product of the Month!

Hello lovelies! How fast is this year going!? I can’t believe it is nearly March – crazaay! So today is quite exciting because I am doing my first post from my Product of the Month series! Just incase you missed it a few weeks ago I did a post asking if you thought a ‘Product of the Month’ series was a good idea and I had some great feedback so here we are!

So the product that I have been loving this month is *drumroll please* the amazing Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub! I know this probably isn’t super exciting but it’s not very often I find a product, especially a skin care product, that I really feel changes my life in some way! You may think that I am exaggerating but I really am not!

Basically I suffer with awful dry/flakey skin on and around my nose which can make my foundation look horrendous through out the day sometimes even when I apply it first thing in the morning and I had tried a lot to try and get rid of it but nothing ever really worked – I was even going off my MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation thinking that it was that causing it! So then I had a brainwave one day and thought why on earth haven’t I tried a face scrub yet, I had been a little scared to use face scrubs because I have super sensitive skin and I didn’t want to use anything too harsh that would irritate my skin or make it worse! That was when I stumbled across this little fella!

I came across this one weekend when I knew I wanted something from Lush and I wanted to try something new but I just couldn’t decide what – also my boyfriend was treating me.. he’s a good’un ;). It didn’t really take me long to decide that I wanted to buy this face scrub because it smelt delicious and then when I opened one of the new ones it has a blue swirl on top which made it look like the ocean, hense the name, and it just looked really pretty!

If you haven’t heard of or used this before basically what you do it wet your face/body, grab a dollop of this on your finger tips and scrub away! Once you are all done rinse off and you are left with silky smooth skin! I liked it when I first used it but I didn’t realise just how good it was until I applied my foundation the next day and it didn’t seem to cling to my dry/flakey patches at all! I am super impressed and will re-purchase this over and over again!

A little ‘Top-Tip’ from Lush – ‘This little scrubby mix removes dead skin and softens, leaving you moisturised and supple. Great to use on your body too!’

It has 22 ingredients all together and each one plays a very important role in making sure that your skin is left feeling fresh! Here are a few –

  • Fresh Grapefruit Infusion – Cleansing & Toning
  • Sea Salt – Softening & Volumising
  • Fresh Organic Lime extracted in Vodka – Refreshing & Rejuvenating
  • Avocado Butter – Nourishing & Hydrating

For a full list of the ingredients just click this link *here* and it will take you straight to the Lush website where you can find loads more info on this product and also loads more of their amazing products! They also have a alcohol free version of this scrub which you can find *here*. One of the main reasons I love Lush products is that if you ever have any questions you can go in store and they are always happy to help and they really know what they are talking about! I never go into Lush and come out annoyed or disappointed – even at Christmas time when it is crazy busy!

I would 100% recommend this scrub if you are looking for a new one or suffer with dry skin like me! You can get this little pot of joy for £7.75 for 120g or £13.95 for 250g. It is totally worth spending a little more on this because it really does work!


Have you ever tried this product? If so what did you think about it?

So I hope you enjoyed my first Product of the Month post and it helped you in some way!

See you soon!

Rachel xx


17 thoughts on “Product of the Month!

  1. I got a mini sample of this a few months back and tried it once on my body and didn’t really like it. I never tried it on my face though annoyingly as I also have dry skin especially around my nose, I need to go purchase it asap! (tip for next time. don’t through things away if you haven’t used them properly!) haha xx


  2. I can’t wait to try all the Lush products!! There’s one near me and you turned me on to it!! The bath bombs looks amazing!!! I love my bath time and the bath bombs look so cute!! I need to try the face masks too which I love!! I’ll do a Lush haul because I’m sure I’ll stock up heavily!!! xx

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  3. Amazing choice! Lush products truly are divine, especially this scrub, their creams (LOVE Charity Pot and Lemony Flurtter), and legendary bath bombs! While many of Lush’s products are pricey, a little goes a long way, so they always last a while. So worth it! 😀

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