Oriflame Haul

Hello lovelies! I hope you are having a good week and looking forward to the weekend! Today is all about skin care as I have just recently come across a company that had never heard of before – Oriflame! I heard about them through a lady at work and she uses a lot of their products and recommended them to me so I had a flick through the catalogue and decided to purchase a few skin care products myself. They also sell makeup, accessories, hair products, fragrance, products for men and loads more!  So these are the products that I bought –


  • Love Nature Creamy Cleanser for Sensitive Skin
  • Love Nature Clay Mask for Oily Skin
  • Love Nature Gel Cream for Combination Skin

I have already used these a couple of times and will be telling you about them in more detail once I have used them some more but so far I really like them! Have you ever used any Oriflame products?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

See you soon!

Rachel xx


7 thoughts on “Oriflame Haul

  1. These look nice! I love clay masks but my skin doesn’t really need them as it can already be fairly dry at times 😦 I fancy trying the creamy cleanser. Xx

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    • I do get dry skin sometimes but then I get oily skin on my t-zone so I can’t win haha but so far I have really enjoyed using this. The creamy cleanser is ace! It smells so nice and makes my skin feel really soft and fresh 🙂 xx

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