DailyLook Little Black Dress Outfit!

Hello lovelies! It is finally the weekend – wooo and I hope you have a good one! I have recently been inspired by DailyLook to create an outfit on their website and then feature it on my blog. If you haven’t heard of DailyLook then they are an online fashion company with absolutely stunning clothes and accessories . They have everything from dresses, jeans to sunglasses and rings. They also do an Elite Box where you can make a profile and then a stylist will pick out some items that they think you will like and then they will send it straight to your door – how cool is that!

I was super excited when I received the email because I love creating outfits – especially an outfit for Summer because who doesn’t love a nice comfy dress and some super cute sandals?! I created my outfit on their website using the Style Sets section which you can find *here*. It is so easy to use! You just drag any pieces that you like onto the board and then when you’re done you can add a background, text, images and make it look super pretty! Here is the outfit that I created for Summer –


I hope you enjoyed this look and that it inspired you to go and create your own! If you do then let me know so that I can go and have a nosey at what you created!

See you soon!

Rachel xx


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