Oriflame Love Nature Gel Cream!

Hello lovelies! For a Tuesday today wasn’t actually too bad! I hope you had a good day too! I am going back to Skin Care today and will be talking about my new moisturiser from Oriflame! This is a Aloe Vera Gel Cream and it from Oriflame’s Combination Skin Range.


I have been using this for a few weeks now and I am super impressed! It is so hydrating, smells delicious and makes my skin feel so soft and amazing afterwards! I suffer with dry skin all year round but especially when its colder and this has been brilliant! My skin no longer feels dry or tight during the day and I no longer get flakey skin on my forehead or nose. The pot isn’t huge but a little goes along way with this product so if you don’t go crazy it will last a long time. My boyfriend also had really dry skin especially on his forehead so I finally got him to start moisturising and his skin is also so much better and you can really tell the difference!

I got this product when it was on offer for something like £2.45, it has now gone back to full price on their website which is £8.00 but I would definitely pay full price because I have noticed so much difference in my skin and my boyfriends skin so for £8.00 you really can’t go wrong!

Whats your favourite moisturiser at the moment?

See you soon!

Rachel xx


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