Product of the Month – April

Hello there! I am back with another product of the month! I can’t believe we are nearly in May – it only seems like I did my last one 2 minutes ago! This month is a product that I have had for quite a while now but I have just recently started using it again, pretty much everyday!

Product of the Month!

This month I have re-discovered my NARS Laguna Bronzer. I used to wear this everyday when I first bought it but then it somehow got pushed to the bottom of my makeup bag and I was reaching for my other bronzers more. In the last few weeks I have used this pretty much everyday.

This leaves such a lovely warm bronze tone on your cheeks so if you are quite pale like me it is the perfect bronzer. You don’t need to go crazy with this a light sweeping is just right for me. I like to use this to contour but also around my forehead, jawline and on my nose. This bronzer is a high end bronzer so it’s a little pricy but as usual, in my opinion, completely worth it – you can get it HEREΒ for Β£27.50. I am really enjoying using this at the moment and will continue to.


What’s your favourite NARS product?

See you soon!

Rachel xx


16 thoughts on “Product of the Month – April

  1. I love this bronzer! I actually rediscovered it too this month after snubbing it in favour of other bronzers in my stash! Its just the perfect shade and I’m also loving it as a contour, pricey but good!

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      • Ah what a shame! Do you have a House of Fraser or a Harvey Nichols? I think they sell it there as well otherwise it’s just online as far as I know xxx

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      • Hmm looks like it will be online for me then! But that way is hard because you don’t get a true definition of the colour against your own skin of products like blush etc :(( xx


      • Yeah it is always risky doing it that way especially with high end makeup! You’ll have to make a trip to a Selfridges one day and just go crazy at the NARS counter haha! πŸ™‚ xxx

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      • Haha, I always try to go to London right before Christmas to do some shopping so I will be creating [and saving!!!] a wish list for then 😁 until then, keep posting with recommendations!! xxx

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      • Yeah that’s a good idea! Haha I will do. This is my only NARS product but I really want to try their concealer and the highlighter πŸ™‚ xxx

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