Maybelline Master Sculpt!

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a good Halloween and are still having a good weekend! I love Halloween as it gives everyone an excuse to dress up, carve pumpkins and also create super cool scary faces using makeup! My favourite bit, apart from eating sweets, is definitely looking at all the cool makeup looks! Some people are so talented and it really shows you how much you can do with makeup! I didn’t get round to creating any looks this year but next year I am definitely going to have a go :D!


Today’s post is a review of the Maybelline Master Sculpt, which is like a mini contour kit. As you can see you get a bronzer and highlight so it’s perfect for travelling or on the go. You also get a mirror which is underneath the bronzer and highlight, along with a mini brush. So if you do travel a lot then this is definitely a good one to take away with you. You can get this in two shades, Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. I have Light/Medium as its no secret, I am basically Caspar the Friendly Ghost ;)! Light/Medium is perfect for super light skin tones. The bronzer isn’t too dark and the highlight is a beautiful Champagne shade.


The bronzer is matte so if you prefer matte bronzers this will be for you. I don’t have many matte bronzers so I am quite pleased, especially as it is a really good bronzer too! It’s a warm toned bronzer and looks really natural but can be built up to create the famous ‘Kim K’ cheekbones. The highlighter is gorgeous! As I said before it’s a super pretty champagne shade and also looks really natural but because it is very pigmented it can also be built up to create a very glowy look! I also like to use thisย on my eyes as the inner corner highlight!

I am so pleased I decided to buy this little duo! It is perfect for on the go as you have everything needed to apply first thing and then to top up if needed. I have been reaching for this nearly every day as I love using it and it looks so natural which, for me, is great as I don’t like anything too heavy for during the day. I really recommend this if you are in the market for a new bronzer and highlight. It’s ยฃ6.99 which is another great thing as you are getting two products for not a lot of money! Let me know your thoughts on this product if you have used it before!

See you soon!

Rachel xxx


8 thoughts on “Maybelline Master Sculpt!

    • Me too! I always seem to pick up something from Maybelline when shopping haha! This is such a good product – definitely a must if you’re in need of a new bronzer/highlight ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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