Product of the Month – October!

Hey guys! It’s time for a Product of the Month again! I think I missed August and September as I was super busy moving but now that’s out of the way here is my Product of the Month for October.. I am also adding in another favourite that has nothing to do with beauty or fashion but I am loving it, so really wanted to include it.

Product of the Month!

My favourite product this month has definitely been the Clinique High Impact Mascara. I got this for my birthday this year in a little hamper of beauty goodies and totally forgot about it until this month. I don’t have the full size product, just the mini but I still love it! I have never tried a Clinique mascara before as I don’t really believe in spending loads on mascaras, but I may have to make an exception for this one! It makes my lashes look amazing! They are all separated with no clumps. It makes them look really long and fluttery and I only have to do a couple of coats, you could probably get away with one if you don’t like to wear a lot of mascara.


The wand is a bristle wand which I always find are my favourites as they really do get to every lash, so if you have super blonde eyelashes like me, then it is a must!ย To get this in a full size it is ยฃ17.50 which is quite steep but I am seriously considering purchasing the full size when this runs out as I really do love it! It stays on all day, but is still easy to take off on a night. It doesn’t go flakey through the day and doesn’t irritate my eyes. LOVE IT!


So my second favourite this month is actually a series I am watching on Netflix…. PLL (Pretty Little Liars)! Yes I am very late to the bandwagon. I actually started watching this a few months ago now and I am throughly enjoying it, in fact I can’t stop watching it! If you haven’t watched it before then basically, it is about a group of friends still in school and one night, at a sleep over, one of them goes missing. A year later aย body is found which they all believe to be hers (Alison) but then they start getting texts from someone called A, who really starts to mess with them and their lives… dun dun duuuuuun! I am on season 4 (there are 6 all together – correct me if I am wrong) at the moment so no spoilers please but if you have watched this, or are currently watching it, let me know if you are enjoying it! I can’t wait to find out who A is, it changes every episode I watch which is why I am seriously hooked!

So they are my faves for this month. What have you been loving?

See you soon!

Rachel xxx


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