My New Favourite App!

Hey guys! I hope you are having a brill weekend! I have got a bit of a different post today and I am quite excited about it! I have found an app that I am now obsessed with and it’s not an amazing new discovery or anything but for me its new as I have never used it before – yes I am crazy and waaaay behind the times! So my new favourite app is Etsy, I know they are online as well but I mainly use the app when browsing! I had heard of it but never really been on it and I am so glad I decided to download it as I have seen so many beautiful things and even made a cheeky purchase!

I am basically going to create a little Etsy wishlist/favourites and also show you what I have just bought on there as I am so happy with it!

Aquamarine Gold Ring

First up I saw this Aqua Marine Wire Wrapped Ring and I have wanted a ring with a stone this colour for a while now. I just think it is so pretty and classy. This ‘ice blue’ kind of colour is my favourite!

Blanket Scarf

I had to include a scarf in here and when I saw this I instantly loved it! I love the colours they are so bright yet not in your face. Plus this looks super warm!

Fancy Tape

These little tapes are so cute, I really need to get some for my to-do lists and diary so that I can jazz them up a bit and these would be perfect!

Galaxy Fairy Lights

I fell in love with these fairy lights straight away! I love fairy lights but I also love anything to do with stars and space! They are quite pricy but absolutely gorgeous.

Iphone 6 Case

I am thinking of getting a new phone soon when I can upgrade so I am have been looking at loads of Iphone 6 cases, you can get so many pretty ones and this is definitely one of my faves that I have seen so far!

Iphone Case

Another pretty phone case! I really like the clear cases especially if you get a coloured phone you can still see it!

Owl Scarf

Scarves are my downfall! I have waay to many but they are so good for making a dull outfit look a bit more put together! I love owls so I was instantly drawn to this scarf!

OwlcPencil Holders

Keeping on the owl theme how cute are these pencil pots, which could also be used for storing makeup brushes! Owl decor is just way to cute 😀

Ring Holder

This is the perfect home decor item for me! You can’t beat a bit of CHANEL and champagne! This would be perfect for keeping jewellery in or even keys and loose bits of change!

Turquoise Ring

Another ring with the same-ish colour stone but I absolutely love it! So simple but beautiful!

So my little purchase was some Harry Potter bookmarks! As you may know I am a huge fan of Harry Potter so I couldn’t resist buying these especially as one of them has my favourite quote on ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light’. These bookmarks were sent from Poland but got here in a few days and the packaging was super cute, they had hand written my name on the box in fancy writing and it has a little thank you card in! I got these from a shop called HomeDecorDrawing, just incase any of you are Harry Potter mad like me and want to get some for yourself.

File 30-01-2016, 19 07 59

So there you have it some of my favourite things from my favourite app! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you are loving on Etsy at the moment as I would love to know so I can add more things to my favourites!

See you soon!

Rachel xx

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