Product of the Month – February

Product of the Month!

Hey guys! Today’s post is a little bit late for a Product of the Month as we are already more than a week into March but hey ho! I really wanted to do this post as there is one product that I have been loving throughout February and probably will do for the rest of the year. That amazing product is one of the Kiko Metallic Shine Eyeshadow’s! I bought this at the beginning of February when I was shopping in Newcastle. I don’t go to Newcastle a lot, especially not the centre of Newcastle, and when I saw that they had a Kiko shop I was straight in there and probably spent about 15 minutes in there (I would have been in longer but my boyfriend and friend were outside waiting for me, boooo!) I only actually bought one thing and that was this gorgeous eyeshadow which I got in the shade 06 Dynamic Taupe.

Kiko Metallic Shine EyeshadowKiko Metallic Eyeshadow Taupe

The packaging is so pretty. It comes in a little pot with a metallic lid and a cute little pattern around the pot. I was drawn to these straight away as the little outer cardboard box packaging is a turquoise colour and really stands out. This shade was definitely my favourite and picked it up straight away! There are 6 shades altogether. As you can see by the pictures it has been used as I couldn’t wait to take pictures, I used it the day after buying it! It was too pretty not to use ;)!

Kiko Metallic Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow isn’t a matte shadow it does have a shimmer to it but it is quite subtle and can be built up if you are going for a more heavy eye makeup look. I apply this with my fingers rather than a brush as it is easier for all over the lid, but I have used a brush to apply it under my eyes which was super easy and worked well. It is a creamy texture in the pot but looks like a powder eyeshadow when on the eyes which I really like as you don’t get the fall out that you can get with glitter/shimmery eyeshadows! The reason why I love it so much, other than it being so pretty, is because it stays put all day. Not a lot of drugstore eyeshadows stay put with out using a primer, the only thing I put on my eyes before applying this this is powder. It is really good when used with other eyeshadows as well. I use this for work just by its self but for a weekend if I am going out somewhere then I like to put a small amount of a darker grey shadow in the crease and then a glitter shadow over the top and it looks so pretty!

Kiko Metallic Eyeshsdow Swatch

You can get this eyeshadow online as well as in the Kiko stores. It is normally £6.90 but at the moment they have a sale online so it is currently £3.40! Absolute bargain and I would recommend this eyeshadow 100%! You really can’t go wrong for £6.90 never mind just over £3! I will definitely be going back or online to get this in more of the shades!

So that is my Product of the Month for February. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favourite Kiko products are at the moment! I hope you have a lovely week!

See you soon.

Rachel xx


7 thoughts on “Product of the Month – February

  1. Very very pretty! I love kiko – can’t wait to do my next haul!
    I love their blushes the most but am super keen on their lipsticks to!!!😍

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