I’m back!

Hello lovelies, its been a while I know, I hope you are well! I do have a reason for being away for about 3 months and that is because I have moved back to Manchester with my partner! I moved here at the end of 2014 for a year whilst my partner did a placement year then we moved back to North Yorkshire and now we are back in Manchester permanently which is so lovely. I did miss it a lot when I moved back home as there isn’t really much to do, then you come to Manchester and you have trouble deciding what to do, its great! Although I do miss my family and friends a lot! It’s been a long, busy and stressful process trying to find a flat but we found one, we are settled and now it is time to get back into blogging as I have missed it! I thought for this post I would share a few pictures of places I have recently visited in Manchester and then get back into the swing of things properly in my next post.

The first two pictures are of the cutest little town called Knutsford! If you are ever in the Manchester/Cheshire area then I recommend visiting Knutsford, especially if you like cute little unique shops and restaurants! The middle two pictures are in Sale, which is where I live. The first one is a little garden place that you can walk around and explore, very instagrammable! The second is a pub in Sale right by the canal so on warm Summer nights its perfect to go for a drink! The bottom two pictures are random but I went skiing for the first time at Chill Factore which was ace and I am going to continue to have lessons. The last picture is me, obviously, I was on my way to Cheshire Oaks which is a designer outlet that I recommend checking out if you are in the area!

I hope you enjoyed this random post of pictures, I just fancied doing something a bit different and thought this would be quite a cool idea. I always like to see pictures of different places around the world so I thought why not share pictures of my new home, let me know what you think and if you know anywhere in Manchester/Cheshire that is worth visiting let me know! 🙂

See you soon!

Rachel xxx


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