Lush Haul & Reviews!

Hey guys! Hope you are well! I am back today talking all things Lush with a couple of products from the Valentines Day range and then one of my all time faves! So the two products from the Valentines Day range are the Ladybird Bubble Bar and the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb and then I picked up the Dragons Egg Bath Bomb because it smells amazing and it’s definitely one of my favourites! If you want to hear more about these lovely Lush goodies then keep on reading.. 🙂


I’ll start with the Rose Bombshell bath bomb which can I just say, how pretty is this?! It’s almost too pretty to use! However, I did use it and its definitely a good one! It’s got a very floral scent as the name would suggest and turns your bath water pink which is super fun! It’s got rose absolute and rose oil in which give it the floral scent but it also has Sicilian Lemon Oil which makes it super refreshing. After a little while you get a lovely surprise when the rose petals float out of the centre and make your bath look very pretty! If you like floral scents then I would definitely recommend this bath bomb!


Next up is this cute little bubble bar called Ladybird. I wanted to keep this one as well but it had to be used and although this is a smaller bubble bar I did get about 3 or 4 uses out of it. This is another floral one but not as strong as the Rose Bombshell. It’s got sweet geranium oil in which is good for relaxing and peppermint oil which helps revive and uplift your mind and body, sounds like a good bath to me! I will definitely be re-purchasing this little guy if I can.


Finally onto one of my all time favourites, Dragons Egg bath bomb. This smells absolutely divine! This has a very citrusy scent as it has Lemon Oil in, Bergamot Oil and Jasmine absolute and to make it even more fun its got popping candy so as well as being super fizzy it pops away as well! This one turns your bath water a lovely gold colour as well and I just love it! If you haven’t tried Dragons Egg then I 100% recommend giving it a go!


That’s it for this haul/review, I hope you enjoyed it! I absolutely love Lush and have to try not to spend all my money when I go in but if you have any recommendations then please feel free to leave them below as I love trying new products, especially from Lush!

See you soon!

Rachel xx


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