The Golden Goddess

Charlotte Tilbury has to be, for me, one of the most luxurious brands that I have ever tried. I love absolutely everything about the brand. The packaging is perfect, the actual products are perfect and they just tick all the boxes for me. So when I was feeling a little spendy a couple of months ago I, of course, headed to Charlotte Tilbury. I am always eyeing up something from the collection but this particular palette has been on my wishlist for a long time… The Golden Goddess eyeshadow palette and it is just dreamy!


The packaging on all CT products is really good quality, nothing feels cheap and the mirrors are actually decent mirrors. Everything about them feels and looks luxurious which is one of the reasons why I don’t mind paying a bit more money for them. I also really like that on the back of all the eyeshadow palettes it basically tells you how to apply them so you can get the best look. The top left shade is to prime the eye, the top right is to enhance, the bottom right is to smoke and then the bottom left is to pop. There are videos on the CT website as well with a day and night look which is super helpful, especially if you aren’t a makeup artist and need all the help you can get (like me)!!


I chose to get this palette because the eyeshadows are perfect for everyday as well as an evening look. I always gravitate towards the beige/neutral shades, especially for work because they are so easy to wear and quick to apply on a morning. When I use this for work I tend to apply the prime shade all over the lid and then the enhance shade in the crease and I’m then good to go. For a more smokey look I will use the other two which really just finish off the look and looks so pretty! I absolutely love the pop shade as it really does make the eye look ‘pop’. If I could get away with a full on glitter look everyday then I definitely would, especially using this palette!!


These swatches really don’t do the eyeshadows any justice but I can never get a good picture of swatches. You would probably be better going to a Charlotte Tilbury counter and swatching it for yourself so you can see how beautiful this palette is. What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product? I really want to try the Beachsticks, they look SO pretty! If you have tried them, let me know.

Rachel xx


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