Recent Purchases!

Happy Wednesday! We are half way through the week and so close to the weekend! I hope you are having a good one. This is my last week at work before I go on holiday and I can’t wait. We are going to Fuerteventura for a week, it was a very last minute trip but it is much needed. Because of this I’ve been on a bit of an ‘un-official’ spending ban just to try and save some money but a few things always seem to sneak through so I thought I would share those few sneaky purchases with you on my blog..

I was out shopping on Sunday with my friend and fellow blogger Katie when she mentioned this new L’Oreal shampoo, the L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo. As soon as she mentioned it I knew I had to try it as I have quite long hair and struggle to keep the ends in good condition. Whilst looking at this I also noticed the Dream Lengths Hair Mask. I have never tried a hair mask before but liked the sound of this one as you apply it to the lengths in the shower and then wash it out. By the time this has gone up I will only have used these once but I definitely intend to do a full review when I have used them quite a few times. This range was also on 3 for £10 which is a bargain as the shampoo is £4.99 and the mask is £5.10 so I saved a fiver!! On that same shopping trip I bought my usual concealer, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade Fair 1 because I love this stuff – you can see a full review here.

IMG_3410As you may or may not know I moved into a new flat in January so I have been buying a few things for the flat and one of my favourite things has got to be my new cushion covers from H&M Home. They are such good quality and so affordable! I went for the Dusky Pink Jacquard Weave, the Old Rose Cotton Canvas and the Old Rose Patterned cushion covers and think they look super pretty on my sofa! The next purchase, which is also for my living room, is my new rug from Ikea. I went for the Adum rug in the Light Brown-Pink colour and although it was only £40 I am so impressed with the quality and with how it looks (it looks different colours in different lights but its basically a dusky pink).

So they are my recent purchases over the last couple of months. What have you been buying recently?

I hope you enjoyed this post! Speak soon.

Rachel xx


Quick Catch Up..

As you may have noticed there have been no posts on my blog since September last year – yes I am a rubbish human being. I guess the reason is, quite simply, because I just lost all motivation and every time I sat down to write I would ‘get side-tracked’ and start doing everything else but blogging. I was also trying to find a new flat as our tenancy was coming to an end so I was spending all my time online trying to find the perfect flat.. which we managed to do as you will see in a sec. However, I feel like my motivation is slowly coming back hense this post. I thought I’d do a little catch up and share a few pictures of my new flat because I am slightly in love with it.

This is my living room and its by far my favourite room. Its so cosy on a night when all my fairy lights are on, I just love chilling in here and find it so relaxing! I especially love my new rug from Ikea and cushion covers from H&M Home. What are your favourite home decor shops/websites at the moment?

I hope you enjoyed this mini catch up. Please do send me links to your blogs as I have been away for a while I need to have a catch up on everything that I have missed.

Speak soon..

Rachel xx