The Perfect Nail Combination!

Painting my nails is one of those tasks that when I think about it I find it such a chore but then when I actually start I find it very therapeutic. I was painting my nails recently and discovered a super pretty combo using the Ciate Paint Pot in the shade Ice Frappe and a Kiko Glitter Metals Polish in the shade 002. I like this combo so much that I have decided to do this for my holiday rather than getting them done in a salon. Plus I’m saving money this way – bonus!IMG_3335I always apply a clear base coat before painting my nails and I just use one from Barry M then I go ahead and put the colour on. I actually got the Ciate nail polish in a magazine and it is probably one of my favourite nail polishes that I own. So after the clear basecoat I apply two coats of Ice Frappe. Once that has dried I put on a thin coat of the Kiko Glitter Metals on my ring finger and it just finishes it off nicely. Depending what colour you apply the Kiko polish over it can look different each time but this has got to be my favourite so far. Once they have all dried I then apply a topcoat which is the same Barry M clear polish as it’s a topcoat and a basecoat.IMG_3336I absolutely love this combination and will definitely be wearing it for a long time! With the base and topcoat it usually lasts about a week before it starts to chip but I am pretty happy with that. Usually my nail polish only lasts about 1 or 2 days which is so annoying because who’s got time to be re-doing your nails every other day… not me!IMG_3337I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your favourite nail polish’s at the moment, I feel I need to have a clear out and buy some nice new fresh colours! So any recommendations are welcome.

Rachel xx


August Favourites

It’s that time of month again where we all share our favourite products. These posts are some of my favourite posts to read and also to write. I usually only do a ‘product of the month’ but I have way to many favourites to choose from this month, so I have decided to go back to sharing all of my faves from the month and if there is a stand out product then I will let you know on Instagram/Twitter or something. Let me know your favourite products this month and if you would like to know mine then please keep reading..

August Beauty Favourites

  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – Every time I use this I ask myself ‘why didn’t I buy you sooner?!’ Absolutely love this product and can see this lasting me ages so it’s well worth the investment!!
  • NYX Studio Perfect Clear Primer – This is the first product I have tried from NYX and its ace! It feels like velvet when you apply it to your face and my makeup stays put all day!
  • Topshop Glow Stick Play Up – I bought this on a whim as I couldn’t decide which highlight to get and the shop was closing in like 2 minutes but I definitely made the right decision! Looks so pretty for everyday use as it’s not too ‘in your face’.
  • Kiko Glitter Metal Nail Lacquer 148 – One of the prettiest nail polishes I own. I use this as a top coat to a plain colour and it looks gorgeous! (I can’t find this on the UK site so linked the American one so you can see the shade etc. I bought this in store)


August Accessory Favourites 

  • Angel Wing Earrings – I got these for my birthday this year from my lovely cousin so I’m not too sure where they are from but they are so pretty. I have been looking for a pair of earrings like this for a while but had no luck so I was very pleased when I opened these on my birthday.
  • Olivia Burton Blue & Rose Gold Watch – I have had this watch for a while now but only kept it for special occasions but realised I wasn’t getting as much wear out of it as I would like. So I have been wearing it for pretty much the whole of August and really enjoying wearing it again. Olivia Burton watches are definitely some of the prettiest I have ever seen!!


So that rounds up my August favourites. Don’t forget to let me know what you have been loving this month and feel free to leave me links to your posts as I would love to read them.

Rachel xx

Its been a while..

Hey guys! It sure has been a while since I posted on here, I hope you are all good and life is treating you well. A lot has been happening in my life at the moment which is why I haven’t been on here in a while but I am back and slowly getting motivated again which is good because I have missed blogging and missed chatting with you guys! So I thought I would kick it off with a haul because over the 5 months that I have been away I have still been shopping and thought I’d show you some of those purchases. Also… who doesn’t love a haul! I thought I’d keep this a beauty only haul otherwise we may be here a while..


Beauty Bits –


All of the above are new products to me apart from the L’Oreal Eyeliner which is a firm favourite of mine and has been for a while so if you are looking for a new eyeliner, this ones a good’un. I am going to do reviews of these in more detail, especially the Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette because its just dreamy!


I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if there is anything you would like to see on here now that I am back. Also let me know what you’ve been buying recently or leave links to your latest posts so that I can have a read!

Rachel xx

Re-discovering Old Makeup Favourites!

Hey guys! I was looking through my makeup collection last weekend because I fancied using something different to what I use everyday for work and I came across a few old faves and I have now been using them pretty much every day! I love having a good old rummage and finding products that you love but haven’t used in a while because it makes you feel like you’ve got new makeup!


First up is the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette. I think this is a staple in most beauty bloggers collection and when I first got it I used it non-stop but then somehow it got pushed to the back of my drawer. However, I have loved using it again and used it every day for work last week. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and easy to wear. I think I might do a makeup look soon using this palette because its just gorgeous!

Next is the single eyeshadow from MAC, its one of their Electric Cool Eyeshadows in the shade Superwatt. I think this may have been one of my very first MAC purchases and although it looks like I have barely used it I can assure you this has been used ALOT but a little goes a long way. This is so easy to wear and looks really nice on its own or with the shade Sin from the Naked palette over the top for a touch of shimmer. This eyeshadow also lasts all day with no creasing.


Now onto a bit of blusher with the Kiko Colour Veil Blush in the shade 03. This is such a pretty shade for lighter skin tones and helps you achieve that healthy glow look that we all want. Again, this looks like I’ve barely used it but a little goes a long way because its really pigmented. It also smells amazing!

Finally we have another Urban Decay product and that is the Naked Flushed Palette with the bronzer, highlight and blush. This is such a good palette for every day use as all the shades are quite light and natural. I have hit pan on the bronzer which is quite sad as I never want it to run out! If you are looking for a palette like this with the 3 products in one then I highly recommend this, they stay on all day and the palette its self is quite a sturdy palette so it’s really good for travelling.

I love re-discovering old makeup favourites! Have you re-discovered anything in your collection recently?

I hope you enjoyed this post.

See you soon!

Rachel xxx

Everyday Makeup Look – Zoeva En Taupe!

Hey guys! I am back today with my favourite every day makeup look. I know I’ve been away for a while but its been one of those months where life takes over and before you know it you haven’t blogged in a month! So as I have just mentioned, this post is my favourite every day makeup look at the moment. I wear this pretty much every day, its so easy and I absolutely love using my new Zoeva En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette so this post is a makeup up look/review of the Zoeva Palette all in one!

The Makeup I Used

Zoeva En Taupe

So that is everything I used to create this makeup look but the highlight for me is definitely the gorgeous Zoeva En Taupe eyeshadow palette. I got this when I went to London last month and I have used it pretty much every day since. The shades are all so easy to wear and great for every day but also if you wanted a more heavy look then the shades towards the right of the palette can create that for you. You get 4 matte shades and 6 shimmery shades. They stay put all day with no creasing and there is no fallout with the shimmer shades! They are all highly pigmented so a little goes a long way and they are easy to blend together.

Zoeva En Taupe Eyeshadows

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palette

Overall I absolutely love this palette and the look above it definitely one of my faves but there will be some more looks to come as I have a few that I’ve already done and some that I will be trying out soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products! See you soon ❤

Rachel xx

Product of the Month – February

Product of the Month!

Hey guys! Today’s post is a little bit late for a Product of the Month as we are already more than a week into March but hey ho! I really wanted to do this post as there is one product that I have been loving throughout February and probably will do for the rest of the year. That amazing product is one of the Kiko Metallic Shine Eyeshadow’s! I bought this at the beginning of February when I was shopping in Newcastle. I don’t go to Newcastle a lot, especially not the centre of Newcastle, and when I saw that they had a Kiko shop I was straight in there and probably spent about 15 minutes in there (I would have been in longer but my boyfriend and friend were outside waiting for me, boooo!) I only actually bought one thing and that was this gorgeous eyeshadow which I got in the shade 06 Dynamic Taupe.

Kiko Metallic Shine EyeshadowKiko Metallic Eyeshadow Taupe

The packaging is so pretty. It comes in a little pot with a metallic lid and a cute little pattern around the pot. I was drawn to these straight away as the little outer cardboard box packaging is a turquoise colour and really stands out. This shade was definitely my favourite and picked it up straight away! There are 6 shades altogether. As you can see by the pictures it has been used as I couldn’t wait to take pictures, I used it the day after buying it! It was too pretty not to use ;)!

Kiko Metallic Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow isn’t a matte shadow it does have a shimmer to it but it is quite subtle and can be built up if you are going for a more heavy eye makeup look. I apply this with my fingers rather than a brush as it is easier for all over the lid, but I have used a brush to apply it under my eyes which was super easy and worked well. It is a creamy texture in the pot but looks like a powder eyeshadow when on the eyes which I really like as you don’t get the fall out that you can get with glitter/shimmery eyeshadows! The reason why I love it so much, other than it being so pretty, is because it stays put all day. Not a lot of drugstore eyeshadows stay put with out using a primer, the only thing I put on my eyes before applying this this is powder. It is really good when used with other eyeshadows as well. I use this for work just by its self but for a weekend if I am going out somewhere then I like to put a small amount of a darker grey shadow in the crease and then a glitter shadow over the top and it looks so pretty!

Kiko Metallic Eyeshsdow Swatch

You can get this eyeshadow online as well as in the Kiko stores. It is normally £6.90 but at the moment they have a sale online so it is currently £3.40! Absolute bargain and I would recommend this eyeshadow 100%! You really can’t go wrong for £6.90 never mind just over £3! I will definitely be going back or online to get this in more of the shades!

So that is my Product of the Month for February. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favourite Kiko products are at the moment! I hope you have a lovely week!

See you soon.

Rachel xx

Kiko Haul!

Hey guys! It’s been a while – how are you?! I have been in the process of moving which is why I haven’t blogged in ages as I just haven’t had the time or the energy to be honest. I am now all settled and can’t wait to get back into blogging and also catch up on reading blog posts, I have really missed it! I thought I would do a haul today as I ordered some things from Kiko for the first time and would like to share it with you.


  1. Water Eyeshadow 200 Champagne – This is the most gorgeous champagne gold colour. It’s super shimmery and looks so pretty on its own or mixed with the other water eyeshadow I purchased. I also love the design of the water eyeshadows, they look amazing!
  2. Water Eyeshadow 227 Light Taupe – This is also a really pretty colour. It’s a little different to how it looks on the website, not as shimmery as I thought but the shimmer is still there. This also looks gorgeous on its own or mixed with Champagne. I also like using this on the inner corner of my eye as a highlight.
  3. Colour Veil Blush 03 – This is a peachy pink blush and looks so pretty especially if you want a more natural glow to the cheeks.
  4. Beam of Light Highlighter 02 – I love this highlighter! It’s a lovely light champagne colour so it is perfect for highlighting cheek bones, inner corner of the eye, brow bone etc etc.. Both this and the blush have a gorgeous vanilla scent to them too which is super cool as I don’t think I have ever had powder products smell so nice!
  5. Power Pro Nail Lacquer 07 Peach – This nail polish is perfect for summer! I really enjoyed wearing this as it is super bright and fun!
  6. Power Pro Nail Lacquer 21 Ruby – I fell in love with this nail polish! It’s a good one for the Autumn/Winter months but I also love it for Spring and Summer as it’s not super dark and looks gorgeous with a bit of glitter over the top too.
  7. Smart Eye Pencil 815 Black – I got this as it was super cheap and I needed a new black eyeliner. It’s not just plain black though, it does have a slight shimmer to it but when its on the eye you can’t tell.



So that is everything I got from Kiko and so far I am impressed. I will be doing full reviews on all the products so you can see a bit more detail on them. I would like to try some more Kiko products in the future so if you have any recommendations then definitely let me know!

See you soon!

Rachel xx