Face Mask Favourites

I do love a good pamper and what pamper evening is complete without a face mask.. This is why I am sharing some of my favourite face masks with you. Don’t forget to share your faves in the comments too – I always like to try new products.


  • L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Face Mask – This mask is a good all rounder and one I tend to use when my skin is looking okay but just needs a little pick me up. The main benefits of this face mask are to brighten and exfoliate which is definitely does do.
  • Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask – I absolutely love Liz Earle products as you can always trust that they do what it claims. This is the most recent face mask I have tried and its one that I like to use when my skin needs a good sort out. It really helps clear up my skin and gives me that fresh, clean feeling afterwards. Its almost like you can feel it working on the skin which I like and definitely need every now and then.
  • Lush Mask of Magnaminty – I have used this for quite a few years now as it was recommended to me to help get rid of spots. Its not as intense as the Liz Earle mask but it still does the trick. It also smells really good!

Once I have washed the face mask off I like to slather my face in a thick moisturiser and for a while now I have been using the Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream. It helps keep my skin moisturised over night and gets rid of dry skin which I suffer from around this time of the year. Now the face mask is done and my skin is much more hydrated its time to either read my book or watch some Friends (so obsessed with friends at the moment!)


Don’t forget to let me know some of your face mask favourites and let me know if you have tried any of the above.

Speak soon..

Rachel xx


Lush Haul & Reviews!

Hey guys! Hope you are well! I am back today talking all things Lush with a couple of products from the Valentines Day range and then one of my all time faves! So the two products from the Valentines Day range are the Ladybird Bubble Bar and the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb and then I picked up the Dragons Egg Bath Bomb because it smells amazing and it’s definitely one of my favourites! If you want to hear more about these lovely Lush goodies then keep on reading.. 🙂


I’ll start with the Rose Bombshell bath bomb which can I just say, how pretty is this?! It’s almost too pretty to use! However, I did use it and its definitely a good one! It’s got a very floral scent as the name would suggest and turns your bath water pink which is super fun! It’s got rose absolute and rose oil in which give it the floral scent but it also has Sicilian Lemon Oil which makes it super refreshing. After a little while you get a lovely surprise when the rose petals float out of the centre and make your bath look very pretty! If you like floral scents then I would definitely recommend this bath bomb!


Next up is this cute little bubble bar called Ladybird. I wanted to keep this one as well but it had to be used and although this is a smaller bubble bar I did get about 3 or 4 uses out of it. This is another floral one but not as strong as the Rose Bombshell. It’s got sweet geranium oil in which is good for relaxing and peppermint oil which helps revive and uplift your mind and body, sounds like a good bath to me! I will definitely be re-purchasing this little guy if I can.


Finally onto one of my all time favourites, Dragons Egg bath bomb. This smells absolutely divine! This has a very citrusy scent as it has Lemon Oil in, Bergamot Oil and Jasmine absolute and to make it even more fun its got popping candy so as well as being super fizzy it pops away as well! This one turns your bath water a lovely gold colour as well and I just love it! If you haven’t tried Dragons Egg then I 100% recommend giving it a go!


That’s it for this haul/review, I hope you enjoyed it! I absolutely love Lush and have to try not to spend all my money when I go in but if you have any recommendations then please feel free to leave them below as I love trying new products, especially from Lush!

See you soon!

Rachel xx

Autumn Lush Haul!

Hey guys! Hope you are well. I went into Lush the other day to have a look at the new Autumn goodies and ended up coming out with a few which is pretty standard to be honest! I absolutely love this time of year at Lush as the Halloween/Christmas products are by far my fave! The scents are gorgeous, the designs are ace and they just get better every year! So lets get into it!


First up we have the Northern Lights bath bomb. They had this one last year but they have changed the shape and I think I prefer this one as it’s more robust than the previous one. The colours are still the same and it still smells amazing! This is what the Lush website says – ‘Bring the ecstatic beauty of the night sky into the bath. Trails of blue and yellow jettison from a purple casing and dance across the water in otherworldly streams. As they do, cheery ylang ylang bobs and weaves with sensual jasmine in the air to light up your spirits.’ I think this is actually one of my all time favourite bath bombs! I am so excited to use this and will be using it after I have written this blog post!


Next up is the Pumpkin Bath Bomb. I haven’t tried this one before and I’m pretty sure they had it last year but correct me if I’m wrong! This does smell super strong and my whole flat smelt like ‘Autumn’ afterwards but I wasn’t complaining! This is what Lush say – ‘Serve yourself up a slab of sweet pumpkin pie, dripping in spice and sauciness – it’s even more satisfying in bath bomb form. Sweet, comforting vanilla absolute and spicy cinnamon evoke the rich, biscuity fragrance of home-baking and stacked desserts, ensuring that you feel toasty from top to toe. A soak with this pumpkin-shaped bomb is more satisfying than a belly full of pudding.’ If you are in need of a nice relaxing bath to take you away from everyday stresses and into a world of spice and warmth then this is the one!


Finally I got the Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb and I haven’t seen this one before so I was intrigued, especially with the wax like top half! Lush says – ‘These aren’t ingredients for anybody else except for yourself. Lime and sweet wild orange oils are fresh and peachy on the nose, exciting the senses and shaking up your mood. There’s no time for apathy in the bath, so this anarchic bath bomb fizzes and rolls and spews colour with no holds barred energy. Fair Trade cocoa butter melts alongside fresh bananas to soften both the water and your skin. God save the clean; this deserves a replay.’ This one smells super sweet and I am very excited to try it! I like the fact it has cocoa butter in to help soften the skin as that is definitely needed this time of year!


So thats it for this mini Autumn Lush Haul. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know some of your favourite Autumn/Winter Lush products as I would like to try more! 😀

See you soon!

Rachel xxx

Lush Bath Bomb & Bubble Bar Review

Hi lovelies! I hope you have had a brilliant weekend so far! I have decided to do a Lush review today as I haven’t done one in a while and I also managed to take photos before using them! The two Lush products I decided to get were the Lava Lamp Bath Bomb and Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar. Granny Takes a Dip is an old fave and Lava Lamp is one I have used before but only when I was in London, I haven’t seen it in any stores near me so as soon as I saw it I picked it up!

Lush Bath Bomb & Bubble Bar

Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

I love this bath bomb, it smells like Oranges and turns the bath water bright orange too! The little purple discs are like jelly and really do make your bath look like a lava lamp! The main ingredients are Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, Tangerine Oil and Sicilian Mandarin Oil which give it that super orange fruity scent! The Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil are really good for the skin as they help protect and moisturise whilst the Tangerine Oil  and Orange Flower Absolute are super uplifting and tone the skin. The only slight downside to this bath bomb is the purple discs do leave a purple ring around the bath but they wipe off really easily and have never stained my bath. I would recommend this if you love orange scented things and want to be taken back to your child hood, lava lamp days!

Lush Lava Lamp

Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar

Sometimes you just need a nice relaxing bubble bar that creates lots of bubbles to relax in and this one is definitely one of my faves for that! The scents are ginger, pepper and lemon so it isn’t too over powering and is a good one if you want to relax after a stressful day. It also says that the lemon oil in it boosts the mood so this is definitely one to use if you are feeling stressed! The main ingredients are Lemon Oil, Black Pepper Oil and Ginger Oil. The Black Pepper Oil is warming and clarifying and the Ginger Oil is refreshing and antibacterial. This doesn’t really turn the bath water any particular colour but it smells nice and looks pretty.. which is really all you need! 😉

Lush Granny Takes a Dip

So that is it for my Lush reviews/mini haul. I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favourite Lush products are, I love trying out new things.

See you soon!

Rachel xx

London Haul!

Hey guys! I hope you are well and having a brilliant Easter weekend! I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to London for a few days with my boyfriend. I went on Monday and came back Wednesday evening, I had the best time and my opinion of London has slightly changed. I’m not a massive fan of London for many different reasons but I thoroughly enjoyed myself this time. We did the usual seeing the sights, which we have done before, but it is nice to see them again and we also discovered new places that we had never been to before like Soho, Hyde Park, Mayfair and a few more. We stayed at The Cavendish Hotel which is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it. It is located in Mayfair so everything is within walking distance including all of the main shopping places which was brilliant for me but not so brilliant for my boyfriend or my bank balance! But it would have been rude not to spend a little…

London Haul

I’ll get started with the clothing –

  • Bien Bleu Biker Jacket from The Sting – So I ended up buying two jackets but I couldn’t resist. The first jacket on the left is a faux leather jacket in Navy. This was on sale so I got it for £35 and I absolutely love it. It’s so comfy and super easy to wear and the ‘leather’ is really soft.
  • Navy Cotton Trench Coat from Zara – I had been looking for the ‘perfect’ trench coat for ages but couldn’t seem to find one as they were either too long or a weird material. As soon as I saw this in Zara I knew it was the perfect coat. I got the Navy one but you can get it in two other colours as well, I just have a thing for Navy at the moment. It is super comfy and I can’t wait to do some OOTD’s wearing this.
  • Tortoiseshell-Patterned Sunglasses from H&M – I didn’t intend on buying these but I left mine in the hotel on the first day and it was really sunny so I nipped into H&M just to get some to keep me going but I really like these and they are now my fave pair of sunnies. For £6.99 you really can’t go wrong!

Now onto Beauty –

  • Zoeva En Taupe Palette from Selfridges – I was so happy when I received the email saying that Selfridges Oxford Street are now selling Zoeva. I headed straight there and after swatching every eyeshadow I finally decided on getting this palette and to make it even better my boyfriend said he would buy it for me – he’s a good’un!
  • 3INA The Pencil Eyeshadow from 3INA – I had never heard of this brand before but saw them just near the Kiko store in Covent Garden. The lay out and everything is very similar to Kiko and the prices are about the same too so I thought I would try something and decided to pick up this Eye Pencil in the shade 106. It’s like a Pinky-Taupe shade.
  • L’Oreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Foundation from Boots – So I didn’t buy this in London, I bought it the day after but just decided to include it anyway. My foundation is running out and I have heard good things about this one, plus it’s matte so it sounds like my kind of foundation. I will report back my thoughts when I have tried it.
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette from Superdrug – I have been wanting to try this for a while now but it was always out of stock. I finally got my hands on it just before I went to London. I have used it a few times but will ket you know my thoughts when I have tried it properly.

Before I get onto the Lush products I just want to say how amazing the Lush store is on Oxford Street. I had heard it was really good but nothing could prepare me for how amazing it really is. If you haven’t been to that store then I highly recommend going! I was in my element! I haven’t tried any of these products yet so I’m just going to list them – they all smell amazing!

The final item I bought was from Harrods. I had never been to Harrods before and was expecting big things and once again it exceeded them and I was amazed. We were in there for about 2 hours and we only did the first two floors! I mainly wanted to go to the Harry Potter section as my boyfriend had told me how amazing it was and he was not wrong. I was very good and only bought one thing which was the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. I love board games and have wanted this for a while.


So that is it for my London Haul. I had such a good time and can’t believe it’s over already. If you have tried any of the above products then let me know your thoughts. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

See you soon.

Rachel xx

Weekend Haul!

Hello lovelies! Half way through the week wahooo! Today is my Friday as I have booked Thursday and Friday off work as I needed a little break and a few more cheeky lie ins! Plus my boyfriend has this week off uni so we thought we would make the most of it and have some days out! Last weekend I was also out and about doing a bit of shopping and even though I wasn’t supposed to buy anything I ended up buying quite a lot – always the way! However, I am extremely happy with my purchases which is why I am sharing them with you 😀


  • Lush – I went to Lush first as I wanted to get a couple more bath bombs as I was running a bit low so I decided to get ‘Sex Bomb‘ as I have never tried that one and love the smell, plus it looks super pretty! I did also get ‘Big Blue‘ but left it at my boyfriends house! I haven’t tried that one either but it also smells lovely.
  • The Body Shop – I was in need of a night and day cream so for the night cream I went for the Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream (I got this a couple of weeks ago) and for the day cream I went for the Aloe Soothing Day Cream and when I bought this one I had a £5 voucher on my Body Shop card and ended up getting it for around £7 instead of £12 – super pleased with that!
  • Boots – I went into Boots on Saturday and Sunday and ended up buying things on both days, oops! So on Saturday I went into the York store looking for a Liz Earle counter and even though they don’t have one they are getting one at the end of this month – wahooo! So as a little taster they were selling the Hot Cloth Cleanser which is what I wanted anyway so my mum very kindly bought me it along with 2 muslin cloths (thank you mum!) I also bought myself the CHANEL Chance Eau De Toilette perfume as it is my fave and I ran out about a month ago! On the Sunday I went in for the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and got that and also ended up buying the Eco Tools Foam Applicator which I am quite excited to try as I have never tried any form of beauty blender or sponge before – I shall let you know how I get on with it!

So that is everything that I bought last weekend. I did get a little spendy but it’s allowed every now and then ;). What have you been buying recently?

I hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon.

Rachel xxx

Lush Haul!

Hey guys! I am back today with a Lush Haul! I do love a haul, especially a lush one and it’s even better when I got everything in a mega sale Lush had just after Christmas! I have had all this for a couple of weeks now but haven’t been able to use it because I wanted to take pictures for this post, but because it’s so dark on a morning and night I haven’t been able to take any!


  1. Cinders Bath Bomb – Love this one! Such a cute little bath bomb and smells amazing!
  2. The Experimenter Bath Bomb – I haven’t tried this one yet and I am super excited to! It’s so colourful and looks ace on the website 😀
  3. Intergalactic Bath Bomb – This one is amazing! I have tried this one and it is definitely one of my favourite bath bombs!
  4. Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly – These are so much fun! Also how cute is the name!
  5. Candy Mountain Bubble Bar – I’ve tried this before but only once so I can’t wait to use this again.
  6. The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub – Another one I havent tried yet. In fact I haven’t tried any body scrubs like this from Lush!
  7. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – This is another one I haven’t tried but I have always wanted to!

I can’t wait to use all these bath goodies! Especially the ones that I haven’t tried before. Let me know what your favourite product from Lush is as I absolutely love trying new products!

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon!

Rachel xxx