August Favourites

It’s that time of month again where we all share our favourite products. These posts are some of my favourite posts to read and also to write. I usually only do a ‘product of the month’ but I have way to many favourites to choose from this month, so I have decided to go back to sharing all of my faves from the month and if there is a stand out product then I will let you know on Instagram/Twitter or something. Let me know your favourite products this month and if you would like to know mine then please keep reading..

August Beauty Favourites

  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – Every time I use this I ask myself ‘why didn’t I buy you sooner?!’ Absolutely love this product and can see this lasting me ages so it’s well worth the investment!!
  • NYX Studio Perfect Clear Primer – This is the first product I have tried from NYX and its ace! It feels like velvet when you apply it to your face and my makeup stays put all day!
  • Topshop Glow Stick Play Up – I bought this on a whim as I couldn’t decide which highlight to get and the shop was closing in like 2 minutes but I definitely made the right decision! Looks so pretty for everyday use as it’s not too ‘in your face’.
  • Kiko Glitter Metal Nail Lacquer 148 – One of the prettiest nail polishes I own. I use this as a top coat to a plain colour and it looks gorgeous! (I can’t find this on the UK site so linked the American one so you can see the shade etc. I bought this in store)


August Accessory Favourites 

  • Angel Wing Earrings – I got these for my birthday this year from my lovely cousin so I’m not too sure where they are from but they are so pretty. I have been looking for a pair of earrings like this for a while but had no luck so I was very pleased when I opened these on my birthday.
  • Olivia Burton Blue & Rose Gold Watch – I have had this watch for a while now but only kept it for special occasions but realised I wasn’t getting as much wear out of it as I would like. So I have been wearing it for pretty much the whole of August and really enjoying wearing it again. Olivia Burton watches are definitely some of the prettiest I have ever seen!!


So that rounds up my August favourites. Don’t forget to let me know what you have been loving this month and feel free to leave me links to your posts as I would love to read them.

Rachel xx


My Jewellery Treasures!

Hello lovelies! I have a bit of a different post for you today as I have recently been in contact with a company called Invaluable and they asked if I would like to do a post about my favourite jewellery. I absolutely love this idea as I have a few pieces that I like to wear everyday and I also have some pieces that mean a lot to me. So let’s get started!

I am going to start with the pieces that I wear everyday –


IMG_1670 IMG_1672

I will start with my rings. I absolutely love my rings and feel really lost when I don’t have them on! All of them mean something as I got them for a birthday or another special occasion.

  1. I got this one for my 16th birthday from my parents. It was my first proper ring and I love it!
  2. This was was another gift from my parents for my 18th birthday.
  3. This is my first Pandora ring which is again from my parents – I have the best parents :). They bought me this for my 21st birthday.
  4. Finally, I actually bought this ring for myself when I was on holiday in Spain and I just loved the design of it and thought it would be a good way to remember my holiday.

All my rings are very special to me because they mark a special occasion and I will definitely be passing them down when I have my own children. I have also been browsing on the Invaluable website at some of their rings and they have some gorgeous ones available!

Now onto my bracelets, necklace and watch that I also wear everyday. My watch is a Radley watch and my boyfriend bought me this for my birthday last year. I love the design of this and how classy it looks as it goes with any outfit! Then there is my Pandora bracelet which my very lovely boyfriend also got for me for our first Christmas 3 years ago – all the charms on this mean something as well as some were for my birthdays and some are from my holidays etc.. My necklace is also from my boyfriend (he’s a good’un) I think this was one of the first presents that he bought for me so this means a lot. Finally I love wearing my Harry Potter quote bracelet because if you didn’t know I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I absolutely love this quote! The actual bracelet also looks like an old antique piece of jewellery.


I also have a few pieces in my jewellery box that I don’t wear everyday but they are still very special to me. I keep most of them in this little trinket box which I found in a cute little shop near where I live and thought it would be perfect to keep a few of them in.


  • I received the Swallow bracelet for my 18th Birthday. I love how simple this is but because it is so delicate I am scared I will loose it so I save it for special occasions.
  • The Fossil watch was also a present for my 18th. This watch is so different to any other watch I have seen. It is just beautiful so this is another piece that I keep for special occasions.
  • The beaded bracelet and necklace were a gift from my auntie when she got married as I was her bridesmaid so these are very special to me as it was such a special day that I will remember for ever.
  • Finally, my charm bracelet. I remember when I was little going to my grans and she showed me hers which is absolutely jam packed with charms from all over the world so when she bought me my own I was so happy! I haven’t managed to fill it with any more charms because I have never found anywhere that sells charms like this but never the less it is still very special to me so I keep it nice and safe in my little trinket box.

IMG_1684 IMG_1685

So they are all my fave pieces of jewellery that are very special to me and will stay with me forever. I absolutely loved doing this post because every piece of jewellery mentioned has a story behind it and it was so nice to think back to those times and re-live the memories.

If you haven’t been on the Invaluable website before then I recommend you head on over there now as they have some gorgeous pieces that you can bid on.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

See you soon!

Rachel xx